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Gears EdS

Gears EdS is the leading supplier of open source educational robotics programs and hands-on engineering and mechatronics kits. Unlike our competitors, all products are made from industrial grade materials to ensure years of use. We enable and encourage users to integrate their own sourced, fabricated, or salvaged components.

Developed by an educator, GEARS programs are widely used from middle school through college. Extensive curriculum delivers S.T.E.M. educational resources to aid teachers and engage and inspire students.

The Gears Invention & Design System™

Design, Build,Test, and Learn with Gears IDS

The GEARS Invention & Design System™ gives teachers the industrial strength tools they need to create world-class engineering and robotics challenges for their students in the comfort of their own classrooms. This heavy-duty mechatronics prototyping kit with industry grade components integrates with a wide array of existing engineering components and third-party kits.
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Gears Systems

What's New


Full Autonomous Control with Machine Science XIPMods or Adapters for NXT Controller

Introducing the Gears Robot Control package—the first suite of electronic controls for Gears robotics systems. Plus, our new NXT Controllers let you use a language you already know.
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Totally Trebuchet
Totally Trebuchet

Totally Trebuchet

  • Students design, build, and compete in engineering challenges
  • Introduces engineering visualization and design
  • 100's of pages of S.T.E.M. based lessons
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Pneumatics Trainer

  • Students build and use their own test module
  • Excellent introduction to science and application of pneumatic technology and basic algebra
  • S.T.E.M. lessons
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Combat Robot Tough

  • Solid foundation for any robotic program
  • Rugged combination of motors, metal, and drive system options
  • Three unique versions
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Surface Mobililty - SMP

  • Robust outdoor robot research platform
  • Search and rescue, environmental research, & first responder bot.
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