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The Pneumatics Trainer

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Build a Pneumatics Test Module

Pneumatics Test Module

What The Pneumatics Trainer Teaches

Pneumatic Principles

  • Pneumatic Safety
  • The Operation of Pneumatic Components
  • Building a Pneumatic Circuit

Science and Engineering Principles

  • Force and Torque
  • Work and Power
  • Levers, Wheels, and Axles
  • Piston Force and Pressure
  • Pressure and Boyle’s Law
  • Air Storage Capacity and Flow

Design Principles

  • Subassemblies and Components
  • Linkages and Power Transfer
  • Rigidity and Structures
  • Threaded Fasteners


  • How to Create and Use Basic Mathematical Models to Evaluate and predict Component Performance
  • Using Spread Sheets to Assess Performance
  • Algebraic and Geometric Manipulations

History of Science and Technology

  • Physicists, Chemists, and Philosophers that contributed to the science of Pneumatics

The Pneumatics Trainer Teaches S.T.E.M.

Build and use the Pneumatic Test Module to Explore Engineering Principles

Students build their own pneumatic test module using industry grade components. The kit includes linear actuator, regulator, solenoid, air reservoir, switches, and structural components. The program includes S.T.E.M. based pneumatic lessons.

This project can be used to introduce or reinforce concepts and skills related to fluid power, mechanical linkages, volume, area, force and pressure, Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, The Ideal Gas Law, and basic algebraic manipulations. Building and using the GEARS-IDS Pneumatic Test Module is an excellent integrated math, science, and engineering activity. The completed module can be easily converted to an air-powered catapult that can be used as an engineering challenge.

The test module can be built in under one hour by a team of two to three people. Students who build the Pneumatics Test Module learn the operation of pneumatics components and the many engineering principles that govern its operation.

GEARS Supplies Complete Documentation

Full Pneumatics Trainer Project Description

Identify and Assemble the Pneumatic Components

Pneumatics Components