Sample PDF Lessons in Various Disciplines


Pneumatics sample lessons:
Pressure in pneumatic systems. Force in pneumatic systems.

"Work and Energy in Pneumatics Systems"
Using pneumatic systems to perform work and power mechanisms.

Download sample curriculum for working with gears:
Sample 1: Spur gear terms and concepts.
Sample 2: Drawing an approximate representation of an involute spur gear tooth.

Trebuchet sample lessons for math, science, and engineering:
Perimeter, Area, and Volume.
Mass, Gravity, Weight, and Density.
Analyzing the stress on the trebuchet axle.


"Designing and Drawing a Sprocket"
A method for generating solid models of any standard sprocket.

"Equations for the Design of Standard Sprocket Teeth"
Generate the calculations needed to create an approximation of a sprocket tooth profile.

DC Motors

"Understanding and Using DC Motor Specifications"
This lesson serves to demonstrate how an understanding of motor performance specifications and mathematical models can be used to more closely match the performance of a DC motor system to a pre-determined specification.

"DC Motor Engineering and Performance"
Determine the required performance parameters for a DC motor or gearhead motor. Use manufacturers' published specifications to source the appropriate motor.

Understanding DC Motor Basics
DC current electricity and magnetism in electrical conductors.


Determining Battery Capacity
Research, test, measure, analyze, and select the optimal battery.