Flash Lessons Demonstrate Principles in Various Disciplines

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
DC Motor schematic View
DC Motor Armature schematic View
Torque schematic View
Hammer and Piston Force schematic View
Battery schematic View
Wedge Theory of Operation View
The PIRE Wheel Electrical Reference Chart View
Series Circuits View
Parallel Circuits View
Regulator schematic View
Pressure in a circuit with and without flow View
Pneumatic cylinder directional valve and double acting cylinder schematics View
Piston schematic View
Charles' Law - Relation of temperature to pressure of gas View
Force on an Inclined Plane View
Simple Lever Force View
Three Classes of Levers Operation View
Centripital Acceleration View
Gear ratios explained View
Bernoulli's Principle - As speed of moving fluid increases, pressure decreases. View
Density of Materials View
FOIL - First, Outer, Inner, Last - Quadratic equation solving order explained View
Graphing and calculating linear formulas View
Trigonometry - Right Triangles - Sine, Cosine and Tangent explained View