Pneumatics Accessories

90 Degree Rotary Actuator

90 Degree Rotary Actuator

This pneumatic accessory kit includes all the components needed to add 90 degrees of dual acting rotary motion to the GEARS Invention and Design system. This vane style rotary actuator produces dozens of operational cycles from the GEARS-IDS pneumatic reservoir.

Rotary Actuator Component Specifications

  • Double Acting Rotary Actuator
  • Torque Range: From 0.5 pound-inch @ 40 psi/56 mNm @ 0.275 MPa To 1.5 pound-inch @100 psi/169 mNm @ 0.69 MPa
  • Rotation Angle: 90 deg.
  • Weight: 84g/3 oz.
  • Over 70 strokes/cycles from 1 pneumatic reservoir!

90 Degree Rotary Actuator Specifications

5/2 Solenoid Valve Component Specifications

  • Coil Power Consumption: 12 Volt 1 Watt
  • 2 Position
  • ON: 3.5 milliseconds, OFF: 2 milliseconds
  • Operating Pressure: 0.7 MPa/100 psi max
  • Cv 0.19
  • Weight: 36g/1.2oz.

5/2 Solenoid Valve Specifications

Note: The Rotary Actuator Kit also includes:

  • (5)Quick Connects to attach tubing
  • 4mm Tubing
  • Y Connector
  • Exhaust Muffler (Protects against dust infiltration)
  • The Gears-IDS exclusive Rotary Pneumatic Bracket. This 0.090" thick, 5052 aluminum mounting bracket accepts any of the SMC NCRB1_5 series rotary actuators.

These components can be used simultaneously with the standard pneumatic system that is included with the GEARS-IDS kit.

Shipping Weight: 12 oz.

Kit Components

Actuator Kit

5/2 Solenoid Valve Component
ActuatorRotary Pneumatic Bracket
Rotary Actuator and Gears-IDS exclusive Rotary Pneumatic Bracket.