Pneumatics Accessories

Individual Pneumatics Kit Components

Real Pneumatic components scaled to the power, price, and performance of the GEARS Invention and Design System.

Pneumatic Components
Linear Actuator Pneumatic Cylinder with Bracket & Fittings
(Linear Actuator)
GIDS - PC - 10001
Tank Storage Tank with Tank Valve GIDS - PC - 10002
Regulator Pneumatic Regulator with Fittings GIDS - PC - 10003
Valve On/Off Purge Valve with Fittings GIDS - PC - 10005
Solenoid Solenoid Valve with Fittings GIDS - PC - 10006
  4MM Tubing GIDS - PC - 10007
  4MM Fittings N/A
  Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket