Gear Head Motors

Industrial Gear Head Motor
Industrial Service Gear Head Motor 19.7:1
GEARS-IDS 19.7:1 12-volt all steel gearhead motors with 1/4" output shaft.

Competition Gear head Motor
Competition Gear Head Motor 19.7:1
GEARS-IDS Competition motor with 500 oz-in gear set and 9.55 volt armature.

Gear Head Motor
Gear Head Motor 65.5:1
The 65.5:1 Gear ratio provides a usable compromise between speed, torque, and current draw.

Encoder and Hi-Torque Motors

Encoder Gear head Motor
Encoder Gear Head Motor 65.5:1
DC brush gear motor with 500 line ppr encoder, 65.5:1ratio, and 480 oz-in continuous torque.

High-Torque Gear head motor
High-Torque Gear Head Motor 218.4:1
The 218.4:1 Gear ratio provides maximum torque at minimal current draw.

Motor Controller Combi
Competition Motor/Controller Combination
The GEARS IDS I electronic speed controller and competition motor are offered at a special package price.