High Torque Motor 218.4:1

DC Brush Gearmotor, 218.4:1 ratio, 500 oz-in continuous torque

The 218.4:1 Gear ratio provides maximum torque at minimal current draw. Observed performance: 2 inches/sec. at 12 volts/ Max continuous tractive force is 7.5 lbs @ 0.5 amperes per wheel.This motor is particularly well suited to off road use where short distances and precise motion is required. Due to the low current draw and extended run time, applications might include emergency/disaster reconnaissance and/or biological field observations over very limited distances.

  • DC Brush Gearmotor
  • 1.37" Diameter
  • 218.4:1 ratio
  • 500 oz-in Maximum Continuous Torque
  • 4199 oz-in Peak Torque (Note: Peak torque is provided for the purpose of performance calculations only. Operation near, or at, a stalled condition will result in motor and/or gearhead damage).
  • 21 rpm No load speed
  • Torque Constant: (Kt) = 3.29 oz-in/amp
  • Voltage Constant: (Ke) = 2.43 v/krpm
  • Resistance: (R) = 1.26 ohms
  • Inductance: 1.02 mH
  • Rated voltage: 12 volts
  • Encoder: None
  • Length (motor): 3.67"
  • The gearhead will be damaged when operating at the Peak Torque
  • Unit supplied with ball bearing output shaft
Pittman Motor Specs

High-Torque Gear Head Motor 218.4:1

High Torque Gearhead Motor