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Industrial Service Gearhead Motors

These highly efficient industrial motors provide longer run times and use less battery capacity than hobby motors. These motors are rated at 20 watts continuous power. They are capable of producing over 50 watts of usable momentary power.

The 15.1 volt armature windings are the perfect compromise for robotic applications and traction motor systems running between 12 and 24 volts.

The all steel gear drives are rated at 175 oz-in. of continuous torque at 200-300 RPM. You can't get torque and speed performance like this from plastic hobby servo motors.

The motor shafts are 1/4 inch stainless steel with extra long flats that allow the use of a wide variety of gear, sprocket, and pulley options. These motors are designed to accept standard industrial components, not proprietary plastic toy drive parts.

Motor Specifications:
  • Overall length: 3.7"
  • Gearhead (max) diameter: 2"
  • Weight: 1 pound (475g)
  • Reference Voltage: 15.1 Volts
RPM and Voltage:
  • 185R PM @ 9 volts
  • 246 RPM @ 12 volts
  • 308 RPM @ 15 volts
  • 370 RPM @ 18 volts
  • 493 RPM @ 24 volts
  • KT Torque constant 3.29 ounce inches/ampere or 0.0232 Newton meter/ampere.
  • Continuous Torque (Output Shaft) 175 ounce inches
  • Stall Torque @ 12 volts (Output Shaft) 420 ounce inches
  • KE Back EMF Constant 2.43 Volts/Thousand RPM or *0.0232 Volts/Radian/second
  • RT Armature resistance 1.26 Ohms
  • INL No-load current 0.564 amperes (at rated voltage of 15.1 Volts)(With Transmission)
  • IP Stall Current 12.06 amperes at 15.1 volts
  • TR Transmission Ratio 19.7:1 Gearbox Efficiency 73%

Quantity discounts available on these gearhead motors. For pricing information, contact our sales department.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb., 475gm

Industrial Service Gearhead Motors

Inductrial Gearhead Motor