Machine Science XIPMods Electronic Controls
XIPMods are easy-to-use electronic controllers for robotics and electronics projects. All modules share a common footprint so they can be neatly stacked on top of one another.

Motor Controller
Motor Controllers
The Wasp controller is a perfect match for the GEARS competition motor, or for any high performance application. The XIPMod High-Current Dual Motor Module offers full linear speed control, R/C input, and current sensing capability.

6-channel Transmitter
The Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter
The The Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter eliminates the need to manage costly crystals.

Bot Receiver
BR6000 DSM DuaLink 6-Channel Bot Receiver
The BR6000 Surface Receiver provides failsafe protection for engineering projects.

NXT Controller & Educational Products

LEGO NXT Adapter
NXT Controller
Use a language you already know to program a rugged GEARS Heavy Metal Chassis Robot.