Tough Traction System

Extra Heavy Duty TTS Tough Traction System

The GEARS-IDS TTS Tough Traction System includes 24 parts that will give your robotic platform the additional strength, ground clearance, traction, and cushioned ride needed to explore, photograph, or videotape the rugged outdoors.

The heart of the TTS Tough Traction System is the GEARS-IDS exclusive 17mm X 1/4" Wheel Hub.

The dimensions of this custom-machined, stainless steel hub are:

  • 17mm across the hex flats
  • 1/4" through bore
  • 0.470" OD
  • #10-24 set screw
  • 3/4"L x M12 x 1.25 pitch

This 17mm X 1/4" Wheel Hub lets you mount any 1/8th x 17mm scale truck and buggy tire and wheel to your GEARS-IDS creations!

In addition, the 17mm wheel hub allows you to build and mount custom wheel and drive assemblies you create, like the one pictured at the bottom right.

The GEARS-IDS TTS Tough Traction System is really tough.

The list of parts includes:

  • 2pcs. Extra HD 1/4" dia x 4-1/2" precision ground Stainless Steel Axles with machined flats.
  • 4pcs. Oversized stainless steel and sintered bronze bearing plates.
  • 4pcs. 1/4" shaft collars.
  • 2pcs. 17mm wheel hubs
  • 2pcs. M12 jamb nuts
  • 2pcs. M12 flat washers
  • 2pcs. 1/4" stainless steel hex adapters
  • 2pcs. 5" Dia. truck tires
  • 2pcs. Tire foam insert 2pcs. Tri-spoke split rims

TTA Tough Traction System

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.

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