Document Description
SolidWorks Part Files for GEARS-IDS The GEARS-IDS SolidWorks parts library is a .zip file that will need to be extracted after downloading.
Heavy Metal Construction Manual

This document describes and illustrates the components, tools and information needed to construct the GEARS Heavy Metal robot chassis.

The chassis is constructed of only 6 structural metal parts made of 0.090" aluminum. The wheel assemblies are made with 3/8" keyed steel axles, 3" colson wheels and #25 pitch steel chain and sprockets.

It's made combat tough, and built to survive and support the engineering education environment of any classroom.

Programmable Solar Tracker

Use your GEARS-IDS kit to investigate and experiment with harvesting solar energy.

This manual includes all the construction, wiring and programming documentation you need to build a working solar tracker that follows the horizontal arc of the sun (Azimuth)and provides 2 position altitude adjustment, using a Basic Stamp microprocessor controlled circuit.

Identify and assemble Pneumatic Components An illustrated description of how to identify and assemble the GEARS-IDS pneumatic components.
GEARS-IDS Catalog of Parts An illustrated catalog of the materials and components included in the GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System Kit.
Suggest List of Hand Tools This document contains a recommended list of hand tools that are particularly useful for assembling and disassembling the GEARS Invention and Design System components.
Assembly Tips and Techniques This text provides some useful tips, advice and techniques for working with the GEARS-IDS mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems.
Using the GEARS II Electronic Speed Controllers This illustrated text explains how to use the GEARS II Electronic Speed Controllers. Step by step wiring instructions are provided for using the Speed Controllers with both an RC radio and a Parallax Basic Stamp. Note: This document has been updated and revised as of 9/6/05.
Build a Working Trebuchet This document illustrates and describes how to use the GEARS-IDS components to build a working model of a medieval trebuchet. This project is particularly well suited for introducing or reinforcing a variety of fundamental physics concepts including forces and motion, projectile motion, levers and mechanical advantage and velocity and acceleration to name a few. A description of a math based trebuchet game activity is included with this download.
How to Set Up a Radio Control System This document describes and illustrates the procedure for building a remote control System using a standard hobby RC radio and GEARS-IDS electronic controllers, motors and pneumatics.
Build a Gear Drive Module This document describes and illustrates the procedure and the components needed to build a Gear Drive Module using the GEARS-IDS 24 pitch Nylon Gear Set.
Pit Boss an Engineering Challenge Game Pit Boss is a full color, illustrated manual that describes the materials, construction specifications and rules for playing a GEARS-IDS table top engineering challenge game. This manual also provides an educational outline of instructional units and lessons supported by this activity.
Program Code for Autonomous Game Robot This zip file contains the Parallax BASIC Stamp program for the Autonomous Game Playing Robot Project. This program was written for the BS2 module. We would like to extend our thanks to Rob Block, a high school Sophomore in Plymouth Massachusetts for authoring and commenting this code. Rob hopes that students will edit and improve this program and share their results with other students in an effort to help their robots complete this engineering design challenge faster and with greater precision.
Guide to Developing Game Based Engineering Education This document outlines suggested strategies for developing challenge based engineering programs and units of instruction using the GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System.
DC Motor Dynamometer

This document describes and illustrates how to determine the torque, current draw, rpm and operating voltage of a DC fixed magnet motor.

This document includes example graphs, procedural steps and an interactive flash animation designed to help you determine the performance characteristics of the all steel gear head motors supplied with the GEARS-IDS kits.

Newton's Cart Newton's Cart describes the use of GEARS-IDS components to build an apparatus to demonstrate Newton's Second Law (f=ma). The document includes illustrated assembly diagrams, experimental procedures and a data matrix to record experimental results. This is a great activity in which students learn both mechanical assembly skills and physical principles governing force, motion, acceleration and friction.
SMC Pneumatics Computer Based Learning Module

Use this CBL Module along with the GEARS Pneumatic Course materials. NOTE: The pneumatic components illustrated in the CBL; cylinders, regulator, and solenoid valve, are the same components used in the GEARS pneumatic kit.

Download Instructions: Download and unzip to desired location. Run setup.exe.

HI-LO Battleball This is an illustrated description of an engineering game that can be played using GEARS Educational Products. Games similar to HI-LO BATTLEBALL have been played at famous engineering colleges for decades. Engineering games are an exciting and enjoyable way to immerse students in the creative challenge of using academic and non academic skills and talents to invent creative solutions to challenging problems. This game is appropriate for high school level students and summer science and technology programs.
How to use the Green Polycord Belting This document describes how to make tires and drive belts using the green polycord belting in the GEARS-IDS Invention and Design System.
Build a Pneumatic Module This document describes and illustrates the materials and sequence of steps required to build a catapult module. The catapult module can be mounted on a mobile chassis and used for instructional and recreational purposes.
Directions for Separating Plastic Chain This document describes a technique for separating the #25 pitch Nylatron Chain included in the GEARS-IDS kit.
Build a Drive Train and Mobile Chassis This document uses text, graphic illustrations and animations that describe how to use GEARS-IDS components to build a drive train and mobile chassis.
Mobile Chassis Catalog This document illustrates and describes the the components included in the Mobile Chassis Kit.
GEARS Accessory Catalog This illustrated catalog describes available accessories for the GEARS Invention and Design System.